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Welcome to The Heritage Estates Homeowners Association
Murrysville, Pennsylvania


Dear Homeowners,

We hope this message finds you well.  As you know, the safety of our community is of paramount importance.  With this in mind, we would like to remind all homeowners to drive safely and cautiously through our neighborhood.  Please adhere to posted speed limits and ensure that you stop at stop signs, obey traffic signals, and use turn signals when changing lanes or making turns.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to making the neighborhood a safer place to live.

Our Heritage Estates HOA is now being managed by: RJ Community Management
4900 Perry Highway

Building 1, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA  15229
Phone: 412-550-0003
(24/7 emergency answering service)
Fax: 412-227-9003

Our community manager is Peter Rubash. For general concerns, maintenance issues or payment questions, please call 412-550-0003.



Community Connections:
Find phone numbers and links to community services and utilities.

RJ Management has a page dedicated to our community where you will find directions for paying assessments as well as a form for submitting requests for property alterations.

Please visit
www.rjcmgt.com/HEH for further information. 
Resale Certificates: Anyone selling a home in the community must request a resale certificate from RJ Community Management.  This certificate is required by Pennsylvania law.  The cost of the certificate is $325 due at closing and should be made payable to the Heritage Estates HOA.  Please visit www.Rjcresales.com to fill out a resale certificate request form.  It is requested that you submit your request 15 - 20 days in advance. Proposal reminder - Please remember to submit proposals early for projects.  Please remember that proposals must stay on the web site for 30 days before they can be approved.  Therefore, it is important to plan your projects early so that the proper approvals can be given according to the covenants.   
Update email addresses - If you would like your email address added to the distribution list for the neighborhood, please send an email to the webmaster@heritageestatesHOA.org You will then receive updates and notification when the website is updated.  Thank you!
Barberry grass area -The HOA would like to remind all homeowners that the Heritage Estates HOA does not own the grass area in and around the retention pond on Barberry. That property is owned by Alan Latta and therefore cannot be maintained using HOA funds.
Pet owners - The board would like to remind all pet owners to observe all Municipal Pet Ordinances, and as a matter of courtesy to fellow Homeowners, particularly the children, not allow their pets to use the common areas, empty lots, etc. throughout the plan as a litter box.  In addition, please also remember that your pets should not become a nuisance to any homeowner via dogs barking, pets roaming in others' yards, etc...   

No hunting - Please be advised that "NO HUNTING" signs will be placed on the perimeter of the common area to remind hunters that no hunting is permitted in this area.
IMPORTANT Common Area announcement - Please be advised that effective immediately, Common Facilities are not to be maintained, landscaped, disturbed, etc. in any manner whatsoever by Unit Owners.  Common Facilities cannot be considered an extension of one�s property and if at all possible, Common Facilities should not be disturbed in any manner.  If your property abuts the common area, the board is advising you to know where your property ends and the common area begins, and to not mow the grass or otherwise landscape, clear, or use the common area property as your own.  Walking through the common area is allowed as the common area is owned by all homeowners in the plan. 

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